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This highly praised medicinal & magical ally has been found in some of the earliest human burial sites 60,000 years ago. As a circumpolar plant we find yarrow across the entire globe, serving sacred roles in many cultures for healing wounds, internal & external, as well as divination & arcane arts. Energetically yarrow helps define our boundaries, whether it be spiritual, emotional, or physical. Made from the entire yarrow plant intentionally harvested under stormy skies on a solar eclipse in high summer, from the banks of a glacial river mouth where the silt meets the northern sea.


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※ Details ※

Among plants across the world, Yarrow has continuously been included in history. From East to West this circumpolar ally and its white & bitter blooms have been invaluable as a medicine and teacher. Yarrow falls under a narrow category of bitters that aren’t inherently cooling, instead they are energy movers and energy feeders. Whether used internally or externally to stop bleeding, Yarrow is not clogging the flow. Instead Yarrow aids our bodies in the complicated art of energy utilization. All in the same stroke providing warmth to cold extremities, helping to lower blood pressure by creating better circulation, and stopping the flow of blood from exiting the body. Not only regulated to blood, its diuretic action helps relieve water retention in the body, while also clearing the bladder of any possible infection. The list goes on. Ultimately what Yarrow does is redefine the healthy boundaries within our bodies which also re-establishes the roles each of our bodily system is designed to play.

These actions are not just defined within our bodily functions. Yarrow hydrosol helps these boundary setting abilities be directed on the spirit level, the energetic plane, providing a deep recentering and redefining of ones auric field. These actions are integral to our vitality and ability to move through the world. So that we can share our gifts without getting bogged down by trying to be someone we are not, while also giving us the intentional opportunity to realign our boundaries so as to not get caught up in energy leakages that manifest in many forms.

※ Ingredients ※

Hydrosol of Yarrow blooms harvested in Ocean air and copper distilled under a Solar Eclipse

※ Suggestions ※

Use as a cleansing mist to clear space, to spray your pillow, to anoint your talismans, to mist yourself as an aura cleanser or as a face toner for keeping healthy barriers. For more ideas, click here.

※ Shelf Life ※

All offerings are made in high quality UV-resistant Miron Glas. Each bottle has a batch number, and a ‘bottled on date’listing the month & year. The basic shelf life is 1-2 years. The offerings shared here are made with care and various techniques to increase shelf life, however once the product is in your home how it is cared for can make a big difference.
Tips for Storage:
Keep out of direct sunlight.
Store in consistent temperature.
Limit air & humidity exposure.

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