Lunar Healing

Rhythmic Remedies & Relating for Hormonal & Adrenal Well-Being

May 16th, Sunday, 1pm AKST [2pm PST, 5pm EST]

a 3-hour live & recorded workshop with a Q&A

& PDF download for your home practice


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Join me in an intensive exploration as we get oriented to the cyclical biorhythms of our human bodies. Leave this 3-hour virtual circle with tools & take homes to help you relate, release tension with this most primordial of relationships. Learn to relieve the extremes in the  pendulum swing of the ‘highs’ and ‘lows’ of the adrenal & hormonal inner tides. And if you can’t make it live you’ll receive a recording of this workshop delivered to your inbox within two days after our shared session. 

What We Cover :

How the Moon scientifically & mystically affects our lives on Earth.

How the adrenal & hormonal system interacts with this ancient biorhythm. 

 How to hone this relationship through tracking and learning your unique biorhythm in relation to the cosmic pulse.

A background in nourishing traditions to honor this cycle, with food & lifestyle habits.

 How this relates to the Maiden, Mother, & Crone cycles of life.

How to harness the power of this cycle for creatively manifesting your inner world into the outer one. 

What You Receive :

A PDF-printable workbook to guide through 13 moons, one year, of biorhythmic tracking (it can also be used year after year).

 A recording of this workshop to reference whenever, forever

 A 20% off discount when booking a private consultation with Sarah

After you purchase, you’ll receive access to the downloadable PDF booklet, it contains the instructions for accessing the workshop recording.