Kitchen Cræft

Old World Wisdom & Recipes

June 26th, Sunday, 1pm AKST [2pm PST, 5pm EST]

a 3-hour live & recorded workshop with a Q&A

& PDF download for your home practice


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Join me as we delve into the ancient and magically mundane act of craefting in the kitchen. This is one of the most simple and profound ways of reclaiming a connection to our deep past ancestors, and exploring our archaic origins, while enriching ourselves with vitality from nourishing traditions. This will be intensive, we cover a lot of ground, so come prepared to learn. There are so many actionable tips that will be shared that you can begin incorporating right away. You’ll also recieve a PDF recipe & guide book to download and use as reference, as well as a recording of the workshop and a 20% discount on an Ayurvedic Consultation with me, Sarah.

What We Cover :

How our bodies scientifically & mystically digest our food & experience.

How the digestive system interacts with the nervous system, forming the gut-brain connection

 How to hone this relationship through learning more about your unique constitution & ancestral connections.

A primer on elemental energies and how their ‘essences‘ enhance our life.

A background in old world nourishing traditions that honor this process, including food & lifestyle tips.

 How this relates to bioavailability, fad diets, cleansing, and some things to be mindful of.

What You Receive :

A PDF-printable recipe & guide book to reference and keep on hand while crafting in your kitchen.

 A recording of this workshop to reference whenever, forever

 A 20% off discount when booking a private consultation with Sarah

After you purchase, you’ll receive access to the downloadable PDF booklet, it contains the instructions for accessing the workshop recording.