Earth-Based Astrology

A Group Guided & Self Stufy Journey



We all have a unique ethereal blueprint imprinted upon us from the celestial sphere. It was created the moment we left the weightless and warm inner oceans of our mothers’ womb and experienced literal gravity of earthly & cosmic life the first time.

In that moment every planetary body & orb of stardust in the heavens imprinted upon us an utterly exquisite tapestry of stars and planets. Since the days of yore humans have found threads of significance tracing the road map of the sky to the journey of our soul.

We are walking instruments of destiny, shaping the world around us through our actions every moment. The art of astrology helps connect us to our own unique sound so we can play in harmony with our souls purpose, rather than live out of tune.

This self study series is designed to offer information on different schools of astrology from a feet-on-the-earth-head-in-the-sky approach. This grounded & resource rich journey is structured to help you find the wisdom that you need to walk this life in resonant harmonious embodiment, in a way that feels tangible and grounded. 

We will meet in person every other week for an hour of information and a half hour of Q&A, on the weeks in between you’ll receive an audio recording that helps guide you through working on your PDF ‘Ethereal Blueprint Journal’, the workbook that helps guide you to clarity with what resonates about your astrological imprint. 


What We Cover :

A dive into our celestial origins, and origin stories.

A look at masculine & feminine dynamics within modern astrology, and the historical implications.

How celestial bodies scientifically & mystically affect our lives on Earth.

How time & space measurement has evolved throughout the ages, and what that means for astrology.

How to cultivate a relationship to the sky through observation, storytelling and resonance.

A background in different astrological traditions & constellation lore from around the world.

Practical, grounded, & earth based astrological tools to utilize in all cycles of life.

How to harness the power of elemental theory to harmonize yourself with your soulful gifts.


When We Gather :

February 19th

March 5th

March 19th

(time of day TBD)

*live sessions will be recorded and sent out within 48 hours of gathering.

What You Receive :

A PDF-printable journal to create your own ethereal blueprint story birth chart to reference for years to come.

2 audio recordings to reference while working through your journal whenever, forever.

A 20% off discount when booking a private consultation with Sarah.

After you purchase, you’ll receive access to the downloadable PDF companion & instructions to access the live sessions, a week before our first gathering.

About Your Guide :

Hi, I’m Sarah and I’m excited that you’re considering joining for this dive into the night sky and the mysteries it holds for our own life paths here on earth. If you know me in person, you know I abhor much dogma, and am a insatiable researcher. I have been sharing workshops about various modalities for over 10 years yet never on this subject. Astrology is hard for me to admit to enjoying because I find a lot of it to be fluff, prescriptive, and boxy. Yet this modality of self inquiry has been around for as long as we know, thousands of years, for a reason. My aim is to bring stories, life, and ancient wisdom to the table, to let you decide and feel into what resonates. I have studied western astrology and jyotish astrology, and have found a path through the fluff to a view of the skies metaphysical mysteries while keeping my feet firmly on the ground, and I’m finally ready to share about it.