Angelica Flower Essence

Earth, Water & Air

the Ambiguous Mother

Angelica lucida, also known as Sea Watch, for she loves to peer into the vast unknown & primordial origins. Angelica is a catalyst, a mover. More connected to the fluid than the binary, whether the outcomes are positive or negative is up to you and the diligence in which you take her lessons to heart. The ambiguous Mother, Angelica is neither good nor bad, not here to help or hinder. Her actions move beyond the framework of these notions, and push a creative force into life that is equal parts death. She asks you to let what needs to die, die, and to move in steps grounded in relationship to chaos to create and birth the new. Like Baba Yaga her pungency speaks of archaic worlds, left to the fringes of forests and the most wind blown shores. She may encourage tears not of pure pain, the kind that fills seas, and fills cells. Her divine chaos ushers in the gift of true creation.


※ Details ※

Her roots are pungent and strong, they move the blood, the energy, the Earthen walls created by our reactions to pain and turmoil. She helps them crumble to the ground, shifting the Earth beneath our feet, shaking the clingy habits of inherited baggage from their hiding spots. She removes this false sense of security that has worked its way into our bones to replace it with hard truths. Her maternal energy comes in the form of wisened wisdom, ushering forth moments of inchoerent rambles followed by surges of realization. She is waking up that which has been asleep too long. Angelica is part of the wild carrot family, her close cousin is the most deadly poision on the American continent. While Angelica may be considered safe, her close resemblance is palpable. She is not poison, but poignant.

This all may seem harsh, but her trickster like energy channels chaos in order to create innovation, true shifts and change. Core truths. She doesn’t sugar coat. Instead she asks us to take back the reigns, to become our own ally again. Pushing out the stories of victimhood, shame & blame, she encourages us to become true students of our own lives. To apply a diligence to our education that seeks within to our own ancient voice and wisdom that goes bone deep and beyond. This essence aids us in finding our own voice + convictions.

As an ambiguous Mother she is here to set you onto the path of reclaimation, whether you sink or swim she knows its all part of the path. She too wears the wounds of her life with a sense of pride, for in the scars and the limps, we are constantly reminded of the lessons in character that brought us to wisdom. Her pungent roots speak of the deepest Earth, yet her tall white crown speaks of the path to embodiment, of the glorious potential that exists for us all.

This essence is for those who are struggling to find their own truths, for all of us struggle to truly lean into the edges within that leave us feeling chaotic. Angelica helps guide us there, opening us to our core truths, she is willing to rock the boat, and take you into the unknown.

※ Ingredients ※

A summer consensually captured essence of Angelica lucida, Alaskan Wild Spring Water, & Organic Apple Brandy  

※ Suggestions ※

Take an energetic dose of Angelica lucida with 1-3 drops in water, or under the tongue. Other ways of working with an essence are to add drops to a ritual bath, or waters in which you cleanse your house & ritual materials. Go within and ask where these energies would like to enter your life.

※ Shelf Life ※

All offerings are made in high quality UV-resistant Miron Glas. Each bottle has a batch number, and a ‘bottled on date’listing the month & year. The basic shelf life is 1-2 years. The offerings shared here are made with care and various techniques to increase shelf life, however once the product is in your home how it is cared for can make a big difference.
Tips for Storage:
Keep out of direct sunlight.
Store in consistent temperature.
Limit air & humidity exposure.

※ Shipping & Returns ※

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