dear friend, to a home for remembering the knowing in your heart & the wisdom in your soul.

What does this word—yore—call to mind for you? To me, it speaks in a whisper—a sound caught on an ancient breeze, blowing in romantic visions of a life well lived, perhaps fragmented by time, veiled under the haze of the unknown.

Many of us feel the call to connect, to deepen in relationship to this place within ourselves. It is here where our most profound dreams live, yearning to walk amongst the light of our waking reality. This mythic venture however, is no dream, and this soul connection we crave is our divine purpose here in this life—in this moment. To walk infuse our inner landscape into the animate world we inhabit right now— that lives through us in each breath we take— this is the task. 

‘Svastha’ is a Sanskrit term considered by the Western world as the word for health, however it’s meaning is deeper than that, it literally translates as ‘the seat of the soul’. Hold that image in your mind for a moment. What does that seat within you encompass?

It is with quest in mind that the House of Yore is put together, exploring the multi-faceted nature of enhancing our relationship to this seat of soul within us, while also creating a space where we can engage in that shared journey with others along this path.